jane taylor


Jane Taylor Jewelry is a family run company focused on creating modern heirlooms. Born out of Jan’s lifelong passion for jewelry and design, she founded her eponymous company in 1994, and the business grew to include her daughter Cleo in 2010. 

Jane Taylor began inheriting a love of jewelry from her grandmother, and antiquities from her father and started collecting and designing jewelry while still in elementary school. She left art school at 19 years old to begin her career in the jewelry industry, and hit the ground running in Manhattan’s famed Diamond District. Spending 10+ years learning the ins and outs of the industry, Jane worked in a broad range of positions from Production Assistant, Stone Buyer, Freelance Designer, Account Executive, Bench Jeweler to Design Assistant. Learning all aspects of running a jewelry business allowed her to start her own company with a wealth of technical knowledge. 

Jane’s only child, Cleo, joined the business in 2010, and brought a passion for communications and storytelling that complements her mother’s artistic sensibilities. Cleo often refers to herself and her mom as a ying-yang that complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Each stone in every piece of our jewelry is meticulously measured and louped by Jane to ensure optimal color and cutting. It’s a labor of love that makes our vivid designs stand out from the crowd!