Roberto Demeglio


The Demeglio family have been in the jewelry business since 1922. From an early age Roberto knew when he grew up that he wanted to be a restorer or a gold smith. 

When he turned 13 he moved from Turin to Valenza, the headquarters of jewelry making around the world, to study and follow his dream. There, he went to school in the morning and spent his afternoons learning to be a goldsmith and a setter from master artisans. In 2002 the sudden and tragic death of his beloved brother Giuseppe put an end to their successful collaboration. The grief forces Roberto to radically change his values and his outlook on life. With his new found awareness, Roberto found inspiration to create new collections that were initially distributed by other brands.

At the end of 2005 Roberto celebrated the birth of his second child, Giuseppe by launching his first high-tech ceramic and diamond collection called Domino. This collection became his iconic masterpiece all around the world. Roberto starts making a name for himself by winning some international and prestigious design awards.

To celebrate the birth of his 3rd child, Gemma, in 2012, he made a deal with a New-York based family to start distributing the Roberto Demeglio brand in the American market. It’s an instant and awesome success.