Julez Bryant

Julez Bryant Teeny Tiny charms

$395.00 $395.00

Welcome to our Teeny Tiny Collection!   Mix and match these 14k gold charms to add a pop of fun. The more Tiny’s the better!  Available as charm only, or with our recommended chain.

  • Chain is 14k gold 1.0mm light rolo link chain
  • Recommended length is 16"
  • Round white diamond, approximately .005 ctw
  • Approximately 6mm x 5mm

Designed and hand forged in our studio in coastal Southern California.

The JOY tiny rainbow arch charm features asingle teal diamond.

The BUG tiny charm features an etched lady bug design with a single sapphire

The OLIVE tiny bird charm features a single teal diamond.  

The MOONEY tiny moon charm features a single white diamond etched starburst.

The STARS tiny round charm features a single white diamond etched star.

The SPARK tiny lightning bolt charm features a single white diamond. 

The SKOR tiny skull charm features a single apple green diamond